About Finding Fairies

Finding Fairies is a blog based around Folklore, Myths and Legends. It’s a place for your imagination to run wild.

When I was a child my imagination was extremely active and it never stopped, even into my teenage years and adulthood it stayed with me. I have always been interested in anything to do with the paranormal, old legends and mythical creatures. This blog has been created so I can share with you stories from my home town, Lincoln situated in Lincolnshire and other destinations far and wide. Due to being a photographer and a huge creative, be sure to expect a lot of whimsical imagery to go along with the stories that get posted; unless of course they’re stated not to my images and the original creator will be acknowledged.

I look forward to sharing this magical journey with all of you and I hope this blog brings you as much joy and fun as it gives me producing the content for you.

Love, Shannon

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About The Author of Finding Fairies

Shannon is a 27-year-old photographer and Blogger from Lincoln, Lincolnshire in the United Kingdom. Shannon has always had a passion for old stories, myths, and legends. When she was studying photography at Lincoln College she based one of her final major projects on the Folklore around Lincolnshire and that’s when the spark finally ignited into a passion and she knew she had to do something to continue creating beautiful photographs and reading stories about things untrue or not.