Dowsing Pendulums how They Work?

Dowsing pendulums how they work. Dowsing pendulums are something I’ve been working with for a couple of years now. I’ve been working on practicing using the pendulum and it’s not something I’ve really shared with the people around me either. I’ve studied it vigirously and now have a good understanding and connection with my dowsing pendulum and it has not failed me yet.

A pendulum moves in different ways when it receives information due to its properties to act as an information transmitter. A pendulum has multiple different uses; To erase negative energies and cleanse a room, Identifying allergies, help you to find lost pets or objects, and healing purposes.

dowsing pendulums how they work

When using a pendulum it’s important to bear in mind that asking questions that require a yes or no answer is best for the most reliable results. For finding objects, places, or pets you can hover your pendulum over a map and ask it the question of which you want an answer to and the pendulum will respond accordingly.

You can use your pendulum to communicate with spirits however you have to understand that that doesn’t directly mean that the pendulum is just you and a spirit communicating.

How to get an accurate answer

When it comes to communicating with spirits, you can communicate with any spirit with your pendulum, however, your spirit guide is the one relaying the information to the spirit and transmitting that information to your pendulum which is why most people who are experienced in dowsing pendulums will tell you to grow a good connection with your spirit guide before you try speaking to any spirit.

You also need to make sure that your elbow is supported for the very best, accurate results. Supporting your elbow on a table or desk allows for your stability to be firm and that would mean that your natural body movements will not interfere with the movement of your pendulum.

dowsing pendulums how they work

You also must always use your pendulum when you’re feeling 100% well because that can also affect the answer you get.

You need to ask your spirit guide to show you the movements it wants to relay to you for yes and no. Simply relax, open your mind, get comfortable and support your elbow and ask in your head or out loud ” Show me yes or Show me no” if you get no response, tell your spirit guide the motions. A circular one for yes and a back and forth – maybe side to side motion for no.

Your pendulum may shake or vibrate and move in a motion you’ve not had before if it requires charging. You can charge your pendulum by bathing it in sunlight or moonlight.

dowsing pendulums how they work

The pendulums in this post were made by myself.

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