Henry Flower Vs. The Vicar

Gedney Located in Lincolnshire, wasn’t really known, it wasn’t until a man called Henry Flower put it on the map due to his aggressive nature in 1840.

It was his bad language and aggression towards the vicar of Gedney that initially put the town into the public eye. Mr Flower was the officer of the church, he worked for the vicar, T.S Escott. The Vicar had been in communication with the bishop of Lincoln about the Wesleyan methodists and this encouraged flower to vent his feelings to Escott and then had to apologise.

Henry Flower

His apology was that of a public one, having it published in The Times newspaper in which the statement wrote;

I, Henry Flower do hereby ask pardon of the Vicar of Gedney, in that I have without cause most grossly slandered and abused the sacred office which the Vicar holds as an apostle of Jesus Christ, and have falsely accused him through a desire of revenge, been in a state of intoxication, which I know to be utterly untrue; and also having asserted that he evilly untreated his wife of his bosom, which i likewise confess to be a most imaginary falsehood…’

It’s said that Flower went on wearing a ”hair shirt” or ”sack cloth” through the streets, meaning it was a way of him showing remorse for his poor actions. Due to the Vicar being, The Vicar, due to his Christianity, would have been expected to show mercy and forgive Mr flower for his terrible accusations towards him.

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