Isaac And Thomas Hallam

Isaac and Thomas Hallam are known in Lincolnshire history for their brutal killings. They were immortalised by a memorial situated in Nettleham, Lincolnshire that highlights the comeuppance they received for the horrific crimes that they carried out.

Backwards and forewards from living in London to Lincoln the brothers yoyo’d due to Isaac working in Lincoln as a post boy at the young age of 12 (known today as a postman).

Isaac and Thomas Hallam

The brothers however were made famous by their cruel actions when they became highway men and embarked on a number of crimes including murder and robbing. During their highway men adventure they covered a wide area of land from Lincolnshire all the way to Epping via horseback. It was in 1733 when they were to commit the crime that would later result in their executions.

It was when they were in Dunholme, Lincoln that they met a drunk fellow called William Wright, they saw the man as being vulnerable due to his intoxication, a much loved easy target for the boys to rob from, however, William was able to flee from the boys leaving them unsuccessful in their actions however, he wasn’t so lucky second time around. Isaac and Thomas Hallam brothers caught up with William again at Ings Gate where they were much more successful in their business as they ended Williams life by cutting his throat, they wrapped his lifeless body in a cloth and moved on to continue drinking once more.

Isaac and Thomas Hallam
Thomas Gardiner’s headstone located in the parish church yard in Nettleham

The killing didn’t end there though, their next victim was 19-year-old post boy Thomas Gardiner who they also cut the throat of. Their actions were soon put out there into the public and a generous reward was offered to anyone who could help capture the Hallam brothers, it wasn’t long until the boys were arrested in London and taken to Lincoln for their trial hearing.

The date of which the boys finally met their own grizzly end is unsure. Some sources say that their end came on the 20th February, others saying the 22nd or 23rd March, however, it was certain that Mr Justice Probyn showed no mercy for the two brothers and sentenced them to death by hanging. Issac and Thomas Hallam were then both hanged, Issac at Nettleham where his body was gibbet at the scene and the same for Thomas who was Hanged at Faldingworth.

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