Tales Of The Pinewoods, Woodhall Spa

All around us we are surrounded by places with a ton of history and stories relating to them. In this post I am going to tell you about the tales of The Pinewoods in Woodhall Spa.

The Pinewoods is home to some brilliant historical things. The most interesting being that the wood was used in WW2 to hide ammunition and vehicals. Walking around the woods you can still today see concrete platforms and the foundations of the buildings used during this time.

The Pinewoods, Woodhall Spa

pinewoods woodhall spa

The Folklore stories relating to the woods are that of a different era though. There is said to be a man sporting a tricorne hat and cloak that is seen within the woodland area. There is also a story of a lady in white alongside the sound of wailing.

Tricorne hats were popular during the 18th century, going out of style as the 1800s hit, so it’s a mystery as to who this man could be or why he is here when Woodhall spa wasn’t even on the map until the early 19th Century. I guess that’s up to us to do our research on. My guess would be that this man may have been lost and wandering, murdered by highwaymen or died of natural causes, who really knows.

pinewoods woodhall spa

The Lady in White and wailing is quite a ‘generic’ if you like ghost description. There’s not a lot of information regarding this story on the internet. If you know any more information on these two paranormal beings, then let us know in the comments below.

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