The Murder Of Thomas Becket

Thomas Becket, an archbishop and chancellor of Canterbury in the 12th century was murdered but what exactly lead Thomas Becket to become a victim of cold-blooded murder?

Becket was Henry the II’s chancellor after Henry had noticed Becket’s talents and they shortly became very good friends, however, things started to turn particularly sour when Becket chose to stand up for the church in its disagreements than with the king himself.

Thomas Becket fled to France in 1164 as result of how unhappy that the king was with his actions and that lead to him being exiled for the next several years when he returned in 1170, he wouldn’t know that that would lead to his unfortunate death.

The Murder Of Thomas Becket

murder thomas becket
Thomas Becket – Image linked to original source.

You’d think that with the way that the story is going that the king would have ordered for Becket’s death but that was not the case. 3 Knights named William de Tracey, Richard de Brito, and Hugh de Morville confronted Becket, and them believing that the king wanted him dead resulted in them murdering him in Canterbury Cathedral.

William de Tracey is rumoured to have lived in Twigmoore, he and his two accomplices in Thomas Becket’s death built a church located in Alkborough where they took refuge after the murder and there is said to have been a stone located in the church that inscribed with the Latin words;

‘ Richard Brito as well as Hugh Morville and William Tracey, built with stones this lofty temple, a worthy glory to god.’

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